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Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid used in cosmetic, PVC and other industrial applications, our range is very popular among our international clients. We offer stearic acid as per the requirements of our customers at industry leading prices. Stearic acid really isn't that terrible, but why use it when there are more natural alternatives? There are truly natural ingredients that do a better job and don't have the negative health and environmental consequences. Most of the natural companies say stearic acid is "made from coconut oil" but unless the product specifies, it's most likely animal-derived. Animal waste--the stuff that slaughterhouses can't use, the stuff that's not even good enough to make it in to hot dogs--are sent to places called rendering plants. Sometimes animal shelters will send euthanized dogs and cats to rendering plants as well. The dead carcasses and parts are separated meat from fat, bone from skin, and so on. The fat is then used to create cosmetic ingredients such as stearic acid.

Cable Jelly

Approx Price: Rs 60 / Kilogram 
These compounds are chemically stable mixtures of solid, semi-solid and liquid hydrocarbons. The products are free from impurities, have a neutral smell and contain no moisture. In the cable industry, where the products are used primarily for the production of phone cables with copper wiring, they are also classified as petrolatum filling compounds.

P E Wax

Product Details:
  • Pack Size: 25 KG
  • Pack Type: BAG
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Kilogram

Polyethylene Wax (P.E. Wax) :-

We procure our range of high quality Polyethylene Wax (P.E. Wax) from, Spain, Thailand and Indonesia. and India, Japan. This is widely used in fabric softening additives, additives in printing ink, paint and as an additive of jelly compound of electric cable. Plastic Processing Aids .

Epoxy Soyabean Oil

Our range of PVC Chemical is a light yellow oily liquid, able to be dissolved in such organic solvents as benzene, cyclohexane, acetone ethyl acetate, with folding resistance, and can improve impact resistance of PVC products.
Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram

One Pack PVC Stabilizer

Approx Price: Rs 80 / Kilogram(s) 
We are Dealer of complete line of Lead Stabilizers which are recognized as the most versatile of all stabilizers used to process rigid PVC. Lead Stabilizers, not only improve the heat stability of PVC during extrusion, but also they provide high output rates and greater regrind latitude at lower costs.        They find value in both single-screw and in multi-screw extrusion of pipe. The family of packaged products are available with different lubricant ratios so that a specific product can be closely matched to your process.

Benifits of one - pack and lubricant packages :
  •   One ingredient replaces several others.
  •   Improved accuracy of ingredient weights.
  •   Better reproductivity of compounding for problem free extrusion.
  •   Reduce inventory.
  •   Simplify inventory control.

Titanium Dioxide

Product Details:
  • Application: Cosmetic, Pigment, PVC APPLICATIONS, MASTERBATCHES ETC.
  • Brand: DuPont, KMML, TTPL

We are dealing in titanium dioxide...

ClassificationTitanium Dioxide

Other Names   Titanium dioxide
Molecular FormulaTiO2
EINECS No.   236-675-5
Purity        99%
Appearance   White powder
Application Painting,coating,plastic,etc
Whiteness, % 99.0  min
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